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On a small dusty road among the early morning traffic Tracy and her friends Tamel and Sino walk to school. The Institute Joseph Casséus is just a mile away from their homes.

The school is based in a church for the neighbourhood. During the week temporary walls made of  cotton cloth and wooden sticks create small classrooms for about 10 up to 20 children. On sunday there are services. Due to the earthquake in 2010 the three level school building collapsed. More than seven years of constructing was lost in 30 seconds.

Exactly at 8 o'clock the bell rings. School starts. Tracy sits in the front in the classroom. “Where are there bones in our body?”, the teacher asks the third grade. Tracy jumps out of her chair and even before the teacher can reply, she shouts: “In my arms, madame!” “Correct,” the teacher confirms. One by one all eleven children come with their answer.

Experimental Science  is one the subjects in the curriculum developed by CRECH. Institute Joseph Casséus is a member organisation of the network and believes in the strength of quality Christian education. “The books are very popular among teachers and children,” the teacher of Tracy explains. “The curriculum makes educating children easy. Books are set for every grade and level, accessible and applicable. So children can work independently at home.”

Tracy is like any other seven year old: young and playful. It is hard to say which subject she likes most. “I like everything. I love school and specially my teacher. She is so sweet!”  At the moment she gets extra support in order to keep up with the class and get better grades. So we have to wait and see what happens with Tracy’s school results. But one thing she knows for sure: “I want to become a teacher.”

At 1 o’clock school is finished for today. Time to go home, do home work and  then Tracy will be off with her best friends. Playing!