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Story of Magali

It is Friday late morning. A class of youngsters are reciting French sentences, while Harry Michel  Casséus is sitting on one of the wooden benches in the back. Today the head of the Training Center of CRECH is supervising teachers and students of Ecole Mixte Baptiste  EBEN - EZER  in Jacmel. Also at Magalie  Cayo’s class of 5th graders.

Last year she followed a teachers training at CRECH on integrating biblical values in different subjects. For the last ten years, her school uses a curriculum of Christian education, but most methodologies are of a major printing company in Port-au-prince. While the school is interested in the other subjects of CRECH, it is already finding ways to integrate values in the classes. The trainings of CRECH certainly help with that.

The Christian school is based at the border of the town Jacmel in the south east of Haiti. A cobblestone path leads to the shady compound where temporary tents are mixed with brand new school buildings. 

Despite her length and soft appearance Magalie knows well how to maintain order in her class. “I have been a teacher since 1998. I love children and that’s why I chose to teach”. After a two years “program  school of  quality” in Jacmel she started working at Ecole Mixte Baptiste  EBEN – EZER . Now, 16 years later, she still is.

“Being a Christian helps when teaching at a Christian school. However, it can be still difficult to integrate values (God’s word) in non-religious subjects as mathematics or French,” Magalie says. “The trainings of CRECH helped me a lot. Children understand now easier the values.” Also, the presentation of the books is very appealing. “Each lesson has a clear format: title, objective, value and verse. Children know what to expect. The lessons just flow.”

Despite her passion for children, Magalie is not sure whether she continues teaching. Salaries in the educational sector are low. “My ultimate dream is to have a house of my own. I might need to look for another job in order to pursuit my dream.” But for today, she is really pleased with the supervision of CRECH. When al the children are gone, she and Harry Michel Casséus  will certainly discuss more about the future of Christian education.